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So if you use the stock Power Control Toggle widget (the one with wifi, bluetooth, brightness control, etc.) and try to toggle some functions, you'll notice that the drawables will not update App Widget Instance Locked(App Widget Id id, Remote Views views, boolean is Partial Update) { // allow for stale app Widget Ids and other badness // lookup also checks that the calling process can access the app Widget Id // drop unbound app Widget Ids (shouldn't be possible under normal circumstances) if (id ! It's enough to go a day back in time, and a widget won't update.If you ever dealt with widgets, you probably know that if you don't launch Activity after installing an app, the widget may not appear in the widget list, and if it doesn’t, you won’t be able to add it to the Home screen right away.I have two i OS devices: i Phone 6s and i Pad 3rd gen, both updated to the most current available i OS. On the i Pad, however, the widget's updates are sporadic, at best.It is normally a couple of days behind, or at least until last month.The only way to defrost a widget is to reboot a phone or restart a launcher.

I only reported this now since I finally had the time to provide the feedback and see if this can be fixed.

Currently (12/20/2016), it is more than a month behind (11/08/2016 displayed).

Even if I use the widget to launch the app, it still doesn't cause the widget to update.

I see that I have new messages from the Android status bar, but the widget does not update. I need some more information from you to diagnose the problem.

Only when I manually refresh, new messages are shown in the widget. How long did you wait after seeing the notification? I need some more information from you to diagnose the problem. The first screen capture of shows in the status bar that I have received messages through Gmail with the Gmail icon.

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