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Judge Millard told FOX26 that Hall walking out of court caused her to find him guilty of contempt.First they waste the man’s time for having his ducks in a row and then they slap him with the baby mama’s court bills.The next day, March 21, he spoke to Quanell X, a local community activist and the leader the Black Panther Party in Houston.

She was home for spring break when she vanished from Houston, Texas on March 15, 2007. A photograph of Shepherd is posted below this case summary.

But when it came to the next hearing, Hall saw an overzealous judge throw a monkey wrench his way that landed him in the very predicament he tried to avoid.

X is the leader of Houston’s New Black Panther Party and has tried to petition for Hall’s freedom to no avail.

Her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Wayne Shepherd, said he last saw her at his second-floor residence in the Red Oak Place apartment complex in the 17700 block of Red Oak Drive off F. Stewart was reported missing on March 19 and police went to Shepherd's apartment to question him.

He said they'd gotten into an argument between and a.m.

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