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This document emphasised the need for the introduction of a structured, professional approach to career management and by virtue of having ‘careers' in my job title - I was their woman.

MCAN is formed Knowing very little about working with medics I looked to AGCAS for support - having previously worked with law students and being appreciative of the work of LCAN I presumed there would be something similar for careers advisers working with medicine.

This year's problems, played out in the media, have highlighted the need for effective career management within medical schools and deaneries.

Working with medical students and foundation trainees So is working with medics any different than other client groups?Yet 61 per cent of those who had hired people with mental health problems reported a “positive experience” said CIPD/KPMG.Caroline Flint, minister for employment, said: “Mental health problems cover a broad range of issues from stress and depression to more serious illnesses such as schizophrenia.I put this question to other MCAN members in our last meeting and we all agreed that there are some differences.My experiences of running sessions with medics, particularly the foundation trainees, is that they rock up to sessions still with their stethoscopes around their neck, bleeps on and always seem in a rush.

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