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As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the country’s population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5%).

In Europe overall, however, Russia’s population of 14 million Muslims (10%) is the largest on the continent.

However, historians including Richard Maxwell Eaton, Ahmed Sharif, Muhammad Mohar Ali and Jadunath Sarkar are in agreement that the bulk of Muslims are descended from Buddhists who were converted to Islam by missionaries.

The dominant majority of Bengali Muslims are Sunnis who follow the Hanafi school of jurisprudence.

The roughly 3 million foreign-born Muslims in France are largely from France’s former colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Ethnic Bengalis who adhere to Islam, they speak the Bengali language, which is written with the indigenous Bengali alphabet.

In the 14th century the Sultanate of Bengal became independent and emerged as a regional power.

The influx of Persian, Turkic, Arab and Mughal settlers further added to the rich cultural melting pot of Bengal.

She'll appear alongside a sex activist, a comedian and novelist as part of the magazine's "Renegade" series, which highlights people who have "risked it all -- even their lives -- to do what they love."The fashion industry has embraced hijabs and abayas.

For the first time, in 2015, Dolce & Gabbana released a collection of hijabs and abayas targeting Muslim shoppers in the Middle East.

The Sultanate also ruled parts of Arakan and Assam.

The Sur Empire briefly overtook the region in the 16th century.

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