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Being frontman of a band isn't as easy as some believe.For 24 talented singers, it's hard; it's harder when their band mates and families get kidnapped by an unknown being. When he gets a phone call from home, things are even more confusing. Drake bails detention and is banned from the school prom. Lady Regan Wroth is known for hosting a very certain kind of party. His crying catches the attention of Sutan Amrull, who sends the entire class to detention and Sauli to the principal's office to calm down. Jared and Adam have been coming to Lady Wroth's get togethers for years. With a Christmas gathering imminent, there is excitement in the air.Little did anyone know, Sauli had been blessed with a special gift, and when one plays with fire, one will get burned.Interestingly, Adam dyed his hair for his role in the European tour of Hair—and thus a star was born.Allison Iraheta The 16-year-old California native's standout engine-red 'do proved right in step with her impressive vocals—powerful and edgy.

Sanjaya Malakar Remaining buoyant despite being bullied for his effeminate style during the sixth season of Idol, the boyish Seattle-born contestant's blond-highlighted hair can be described as nothing less than gorgeous—a better set of strands than that of most of the female contestants on season six.Some challenges called for a spunky-spiky hairdo while others saw her bob better suited in soft waves—but she always wore her hair with flair.Experimental with color as well, she often dispersed highlights through her 'do—eventually going full-blown blonde following her win.American Idol, arguably the most popular reality TV show in the U.S., has been as much a showcase for vocal talent as it has been for some trend-setting styles—specifically, hairstyles.

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She tells American that her outwardly loud appearance sets off her unshakeable determination to always stick to her guns.

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  1. In July 1977, his son Karac died at the age of five while Plant was engaged on Led Zeppelin's concert tour of the United States. Plant retreated to his home in the Midlands and for months afterwards he questioned his future.