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He also appeared in a number of movies like Behind Blue Skies, The Crown Jewels, Anna Karenina, Victoria, and Atomic Blonde to name a few.Netflix bingers might know him from the hit horror show, Hemlock Grove as Roman Godfrey. Alex & Bill Skarsgard at the IT Premiere Source: @alexanderskarsgardonline #Alexander Skarsgard #Alexander Skarsgård #Bill Skarsgard #Bill Skarsgård #itmovie #itpremiere #it #itofficial A post shared by Alexander Skarsgard (@alexskarsgardworld) on ’s name is his strength, and his famous family have definitely helped his career.While women are going crazy over Bill Skarsgård’s amazing looks, he allegedly fell for Swedish actress, Alida Morberg. Since Sweden is his home as well, it makes sense that the two met there.As the actor has not been open about his past relationships, details about Bill Skarsgård’s dating timeline are not known.

He came out of nowhere, and is now plastered all over the news, with It making him most famous!

Mail Online have contacted representatives for both Alexa and Alexander.

A source, meanwhile, had claimed to the New York Post's Page Six that Alexander had been set up on a blind date with Di Caprio's former flame Toni by a mutual friend.

His former girlfriend Alexa, meanwhile, has previously shared her worries when it comes to dating.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph three months ago, the fashionista confessed she has a 'pathological fear' of dating and likes a potential suitor to downplay their first meeting.

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