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She shows us the patterns of our online behavior we’re either too close to see or too uncomfortable to acknowledge.Who are we in the impulsive, disinhibiting, unfettered freedom of the cyber-environment, and what’s at stake in the consequences?They all lurk out there in the cyber-world: perverts, predators, bullies. Author Mary Aiken warns that as the Internet increasingly dominates our world, our life online is fundamentally changing the way we behave as humans.We can look away, we can deny it, but the more we’re online, the more compulsive, more secretive, more cruel and more disconnected from our better selves we are liable to become.Consider the unsettling phenomenon of ubiquitous victimology, in which “the criminals are well hidden but you aren’t.” That extends from the ordinary streets of online life to the deep, criminal underground where predators roam and perps hawk illicit wares from drugs, guns and hired assassins to trafficked humans and tools for terrorism. And it’s a mouse click away from your living room — and your curious child.

Without those protective filters, and unaware that they’ve been disabled, we’re vulnerable in new ways.Her job, as she says, is to be armed with facts, evidence and insights about potential risks “so I can be prepared for the worst-case scenario.As we say in risk assessment, ‘Start at the apocalypse and work back.’ ” Her book offers a critical crash course in Cyber Psych 101, outlining core risky behaviors, why we engage, why we are vulnerable and why we can’t ignore the evidence of damaging cyber-effects any longer.After having been graduated from Raleigh's Leesville Road High School, he took special education major at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he later became the head of its Council of Exceptional Children.Most of his summertime was spent working at local YMCA as well as volunteering to help children with disabilities.

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They fail to see the big disconnect between who they are in real life and who they are online, and the gap is fraught with consequences.

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