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This behavior is also seen frequently in groups of individuals banding together to bully or harass their victim for even greater harmful effect and to accomplish a higher infliction of pain on the victim.Making repeated references to an individual in an intimidating, mean, ridiculing, offensive, rude, or insulting manner online is cyber-harassment and also can be considered a form of cyber-bullying.Cyber-stalking is a criminal offense subject to conviction and penalty.It falls under individual state, anti-stalking, slander, defamation and harassment research now reveals that individuals who are bullied, stalked or harassed online perceive the trauma at higher stress levels than do victims who are bullied, stalked or harassed in person, presumably due to the profound impact of an abuser's 24 hour a day ability to hurt their victim with greater intensity than in person, the victim's inability to retreat into a safe place due to the nature of the internet, and the globally engaged audience of multi-millions over the world wide web.Cyber-stalkers crave power over a victim and will use anything they can to support their motivations.

Cyber-stalkers can be characterized in their behaviors toward their victims by malice, intimidation, obsession, vendetta, or no real purpose in continuing the behaviors.Cyber-stalkers will also recruit, or by default of their actions, create a diversionary or supportive mob of third party abusers.The instigators are often seen washing their hands and allowing these manipulated mobs to do their dirty work so they can claim lack of responsibility.If you are a victim of cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment please contact us today for help. If you are contemplating suicide, please take a breath and contact us or someone else for help before taking any drastic action.

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