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Also: Dissuade your new partner from pushing too hard to form close bonds with your adult children when they do meet.

Intellectually, this adult child, of course, understands that the family unit ended when the parent was widowed or divorced—but some adult children manage to avoid psychologically confronting this fact until the parent starts seeing someone new.

Reminisce with your adult children about the old days when your original family was intact.

This subtly reinforces the sense that your search for a new relationship does not invalidate the family unit of their youth. It is surprisingly common for parents to share details about their revitalized sex lives with their adult children when they return to the dating scene.

There is nothing immature or even unusual about an adult child’s less-than-positive response to this news.

This is an emotionally challenging situation, so be ready to take any reaction in stride.

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So rather than dismiss your kids’ money concerns, you could reassure them that you are not splurging on extravagant gifts for this new partner…and that if you do someday remarry, you will get a prenup.

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