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Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: The top 30 performers in Adult Entertainment share their thoughts and fears about the industry.The stars discuss how they started, the reality behind the glamour, the threat of AIDS, and the nationwide controversy surrounding their profession This was a decent documentary but could have been so much better.Semen's metallic taste, he explained, is due to its zinc ingredient, and "diabetics tend to have a honey or cantaloupe taste, most likely due to the spilling over of excess sugars in the body." When amino acids in certain foods are broken down, he continued, it's possible that the resulting products end up in the semen. I can tell her I love her: Romance sweetens reality's putridness. Asparagus' curse, for example, could be that "methionine is broken down and methyl mercaptan is produced ... If anyone knows how to make his spunk scrumptious, it's me. Ever since then, my glee at getting my lollipop licked has been tainted with advance remorse: My receiver is about to be nauseous."Sex and the City" provided me with a glimmer of hope, though, a key to decontaminating the puddles of my prick.I clicked through numerous Web sites, desperately cataloging the rumored do's and don'ts, until I suddenly thought: Where's the scientific process? Who has done the clinical research that can establish irrefutable facts? -- that maintain the very stable p H acidity that is needed to support the spermatozoa." In other words, a foul stench is exactly what the polliwogs want. Robert Oates of the Boston Medical Center offered only a grudging acceptance of the flavor theories.

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Chemically processed liquor creates an extremely acidic taste, but naturally fermented beverages like sake and Rolling Rock or Honey Brown beer give spunk a sugary taste. Kiwi fruit and celery, says a chat man who grabbed this advice from "Nina Hartley's Guide to Fellatio" video. Lawrence Ross of the University of Illinois in Chicago shocked me by totally dismissing the entire notion that disparity in taste even exists!

Tobacco is also guaranteed to gross out one's goo. Mangoes are admired, plus every other sweet fruit and tangy sprig that Livingston and Bell mentioned. "In all healthy men," he contended, "seminal fluids are constant and similar because they all include precise components -- potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.

Milk products also make cum chunks notoriously nasty because of the "high bacterial putrefaction level," asserts

Other edibles that sexperts consistently label as bitter wad wreckers (and that I haven't already mentioned) are red meat, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, greasy food, spices, coffee and chocolate.

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Also, a man whose mouth tastes good will always have delicious cum, while a foul kiss leads to less-than-fabulous sperm." Trebor's report depressed me, because I'm neither vegetarian nor an avid imbiber of beverages. Al Lujan, a head-bobbing writer, performer and filmmaker, said that the first sperm he swallowed tasted the best because "it was dispensed from a 15-year-old kid who lived off candy.

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