Accommodating approach

There are many conflict situations that should be handled with one of the other four conflict management strategies rather than collaboration.

Managers who are very skilled at conflict management are able to (a) understand interpersonal conflict situations and (b) use the appropriate conflict management strategy for each situation.

Afzalur Rahim points out that "intergroup conflict is inevitable in complex organizations." Further, as the University of Oregon's Holden Leadership Center points out, "conflict is inevitable in any interpersonal relationship." What determines whether or not conflict will have a negative or positive result lies with how it is managed.

Too often, interpersonal conflicts persist and even worsen if there is no attempt to resolve them.

Avoiding is appropriate if you are too busy with more important concerns and if your relationship with the other party is unimportant.

Collaborating with the other party promotes creative problem solving, and it's a way of fostering mutual respect and rapport.

However, collaborating takes time, and many conflict situations are either very urgent or too trivial to justify the time it takes to collaborate.

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Realize that you might need to repair the relationship after using a forcing strategy if the other party feels that you did not show adequate consideration for their concerns. It is a supplement to my MBA 751 - Managing People in Organizations class.

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