A methodology for validating software product metrics who is guy berryman dating

The issue in measuring software performance and quality is clearly its complexity as compared even to the computer hardware on which it runs.

Managing complexity and finding significant surrogate indicators of program complexity must go beyond merely estimating the number of lines of code the program is expected to require.

Aspect Oriented Software Development is gaining wide attention because of its key feature modularization.

Aspect Oriented paradigm supports the separation of concerns that are scattered over the system which helps in achieving modularity.

But first, we will review some classical software quality metrics to see what we must surrender to establish a new metric order for software. The multiple professional views of product quality may be very different from popular or nonspecialist views.

Lower values of these measures implied higher build or release quality.

These separate design from implementation and may even accommodate the differing viewpoints of developer and user in each area.

Two leading firms that have placed a great deal of importance on software quality are IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

He said products must possess multiple elements of fitness for use.

Two of his parameters of interest for software products were quality of design and quality of conformance.

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