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Any good women’s specific hybrid bike will come available in smaller sizes than unisex versions, with narrower handlebars to mirror women’s narrower shoulders, and a female specific saddle.

Though it’s not at all essential for female cyclists to ride women’s specific hybrid bikes, going for this option can save cash otherwise spent on replacing a men’s saddle and wider handlebars typically fitted to unisex bikes.

An innovative wheel axle and seatpost clamp design helps to ensure the oft stolen components stay attached and disc brakes make stopping almost instant.

A good choice for someone after a low maintenance machine for flat city rides.

Most models will have seen slight changes, designed to gradually improve the bike, and the specification may have changed as well as the paint job.

Many brands offer hybrid bikes specifically designed for women, whilst those models not ‘women’s specific’ are considered unisex.Plus, it comes with a triple up front which’ll make winching your way up anything a total cinch.Thanks to the tidy ride quality and great spread of gears, the B’twin Triban 520 flat bar actually punches well above its weight in terms of rideable distance.Where a bike sits on that scale will influence how well it copes with uneven off-road terrain or how speedy it will be on the tarmac.How to get into cycling for less than £500 The frame of a hybrid bike will generally have a fairly relaxed geometry.

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