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The NFL owners approved rule changes to the extra point Tuesday at the spring meetings in San Francisco.The proposal that was eventually set forth by the competition committee -- the one which moves the extra point try without moving the yard line for a two-point conversion attempt -- is the one that passed.Once you accrue enough points to trigger a suspension, your case will be handed to a hearing officer.The exact length of your license suspension will be left up to the hearing officer, but it will be: The number of points assigned to your driving record will depend on the type of infraction you are convicted of. For minors younger than 18 years old, you may have your driver's license suspended if receive: If you have a Colorado chauffeur license, infractions that occur during employment may result in points being added to your special license.

It makes the post-touchdown play a much more interesting one from a defensive perspective and will force teams to really consider the personnel they use on extra points and two-point conversion attempts.Kickers have made at least 99 percent of extra points in each of the last five seasons, and there hasn't even been a season under 97 percent since 1988.The adoption of the two-point conversion in 1994 added a strategic wrinkle to game-calling.Some of the reasons you may be allowed to continue driving include: While operating a vehicle with a PDL, any moving violation infraction you receive will automatically suspend these privileges.If you are driving for a reason other than those specified by the court, your PDL may be taken by a law enforcement officer.

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