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Finally, we get on to a tutorial that moves us away from blinking an LED as we explore the Video Core IV GPU We need some reading material for this tutorial – this is how I put the tutorial together, by reading and studying the manuals available for the Videcore, but for this tutorial mainly the information from the Cambridge Raspberry Pi Tutorials.

Yes there’s a lot of text and more than one manual – but that’s the only way you learn!

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This mailbox is responsible for negotiating the framebuffer.

We need some code to be able to read and write data from the mailbox and we also need to define the data structure defined by the framebuffer mailbox documentation.

The interface was developed and created by a few guys at broadcom.

As we’ve bothered with the standard c library we can see how to tie the standard library functions like to the UART.

Secondly, it introduces the mailbox property interface which is a method of the ARM processor talking to the GPU.

16-bit requires two bytes of data per pixel and directly represents the Red, Green and Blue levels of the colour of the pixel, and 32-bit has 4 bytes of data per pixel which has 8-bit per primary colour and an 8-biot alpha channel (transparency).

The GPU is generally quite a closely guarded secret.

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