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I have learnt recently that a gulf in opinion with others doesn't have to be a source of division.

So, if you would like to snail mail, email, whatsapp etc, then, let me know, and i will certainly be a great friend to you. EAST AFRICAIntroduction: Am a tall dark complexion guy with sense of humor, free and open to every one.my hope is to meet a white man to be my friend or more. I do like people, though I often hide myself away from them, for fear of judgement and ridicule.Hopefully in time I will learn to accept myself for who I am, without worrying about the superficial stuff so much? I especially love Asian girls between 25 and 35 or so but anyone should feel free to write to me. I am interested in classical music, photography, trekking, archeology and having friends from all over the world. Email: Languages: English Hobbies/Interests: Arts/crafts, music, film, anime/manga, gaming, comics, kawaii culture, space, astronomy & more...

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