10 mistakes women make dating men

He’s no more committed to you now than when you weren’t picking up his dry cleaning. Most of the signs were there from the beginning and either out of desperation or loneliness, you have allowed this man to remain in your life.

I’m not saying you can’t do nice things for him, but save some of these wifely “duties” until you actually become his wife.

If he’s not willing to be monogamous, leave him be. Let’s say you hate football, but you pretend to like it because it allows you to spend more time with your man.

We all have our own unique challenges related to the way we see and interact with the world around us.

While there are a million stories in the big city, the truth is that breakups usually tend to fall into a few primary categories.

Now before you accuse me of blaming women for all breakups, just know that I have a list of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships as well.

A good man wants a woman who has her own life and doesn’t have to depend on him for entertainment all of the time. Not only should you be proud of who you are, but if he wants to be with you he will accept you for who you are. Also, when you date several men at once, you are more likely to cut ties with the duds instead of hanging on to them because you’re lonely.

Ever heard the man say that he started losing interest when his girlfriend or wife changed? In the first few months of dating, everyone is on their best behavior.

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